What to Eat Before and After Working Out

What to Eat Before and After Working Out

What to Eat Before and After Working Out

Working out can be done in a fasted or fed state. If your goal is to lower body fat aggressively we highly recommend you workout fasted. Training after a meal can still result in great fat loss as long as your training sessions are performed with intensity. 
If you'r looking to maintain and or gain weight or just an intense workout session than we recommend training in a fed state.

What to Eat Depends on What Your Workout Will Look Like

If your focus is on strength training and muscular development using isolated lifts and resistance training than we highly recommend you have a meal thats high in protein and carbs. A good rule of thumb that we prescribe is 2 grams of carbs for every 1 gram of protein. We also recommend you consume between .8 - 1.2 grams of protein for ever LB of body weight. 

If you're training at a high intensity for more than an hour than aim for a carb/protein ratio around 3 to 1. A Structured and disciplined diet will play a role equally if not more important than the exercise routines your doing to develop your body and health.

Pre-Workout Meal Suggestions

We recommend you eat 1 hour before a workout. Also we highly recommend you have 1 banana in your pre workout meal. This will give your body great energy going into your workout.

Post-Workout Meal Suggestions

Immediately after a workout we highly recommend having a protein shake and amino acids.

If you plan to workout the next day we highly recommend having carbs to replace the ones used in your previous workout session. If you'r not training the next day then a low carb meals cant help burn more fat that day.
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